Dwarf Spotted Congo Puffer (Tetradon schoutedeni) 4cm

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Dwarf Spotted Congo Puffer (Tetradon schoutedeni)

This is the smallest species of African pufferfish and is much sought after by oddball enthusiasts, however, imports from this region tend to be quite sporadic so this is one of the rarest pufferfish in the trade.

Can be confused with the green spotted puffer, Tetraodon nigroviridis, this species is rather rare in the hobby. It has greenish-brown back and a pale yellow to cream coloured belly, with darker spots on the back and flanks and the edges of the belly. The eye is usually red. Unlike the green spotted puffer, this species comes from Africa and lives in freshwater.

Rarely kept in home aquaria and although most suggest that this particular pufferfish is relatively peaceful towards its own kind and other species, it would be prudent to be cautious and have a means of separating tankmates if necessary.



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