Absolute Aquarium Egg Layer Fry Food 50g

Absolute Aquarium Egg Layer Fry Food 50g

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Absolute Egg Layer 45% High Protein Powdered Fry Food
Specifically developed for the promotion of growth in young fish fry. Absolute Egg Layer offers a nutrient-rich mix of vitamins and minerals
Which is essential in the first weeks after hatching.

Feeding Guide:
Feed little but often 2.5g for 50 gallons simple add to a container with some aquarium water and shake for 30 seconds before adding to the nursery tank. 

Krill meal, Fish meal, Wheat flour, Yeast, Fish solubles, condensed, Wheat gluten, Lecithin, Pepper, Fish oil, Monocalcium phosphate, Yeast Products.

Analyses (%)
Ash 8.4
Protein 45%
Fat 11
Crude Fibre 1.3
Calcium 2.5
Total P 2.11
Sodium 0.6

Vitamins added
Vitamin A (IE/kg) 14000
Vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 1794

Note: Care should be taken to avoid overfeeding.

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